Southern California
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AUSKF Western Region Education Tour
Sun, 7/17/11

The AUSKF is sponsoring a visit by Kojiro Migita Sensei (Kendo Kyoshi, 8 Dan), 1976 All Japan Kendo Champion. See summary information below. For more details see invitation and itinerary.

  • Sunday summary
    Date:  Sun 7/17
    Place: Osaka Sangyo University,
           3921 Laurel Canyon Blvd, Studio City CA 91604
    Who:   3-Dan and Up kenshi (SCKF, SCKO, WKF)
    Lang:  English / Japanese / Korean
    Time:  1:00pm seminar
           3:15pm 6-7 Dan practice w/sensei
           4:00pm 3-5 Dan practice w/sensei
    Party: 5:30pm Welcome Party at Osaka Sangyo University 
           $12 Per Person, turn in form by 7/3/11

  • Monday summary
    Date:  Mon 7/18
    Place: Long Beach Dojo
    Time:  6:00pm meeting and preparation
           6:30pm keiko starts (please be there on time)
           7:30pm keiko finish (take a shower)
    Party: 8:15pm party at the Reef
           $35/person inclunding tax and gratuity, beverages not included

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